The unit can either be hardwired to any volt source behind the dashboard, or simply plugged into a volt round plug via the included adapter. This infrared illumination allows the camera to effectively operate in low light situations, albeit at the expense of color. It’s primarily a tool that helps parents track where their kids are driving and gives them alerts if the car moves out of a designated area — but it also has the ability to prevent phones from sending and receiving text messages on the road. Visit manufacturer site for details. Kathy Bonds of Fort Worth thinks laws are part of the answer. Vermont lawmakers are continuing their efforts to crack down on distracted driving, with bills that would boost the penalties for texting while driving and ban all hand-held electronic devices when driving through road construction zones. We’ve changed, we promise.

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The camera mounts at the rear of the vehicle and features a degree wide-angle lens. Once the wires are tapped, close everything back up and move on the monitor installation. It may not be the perfect distraction-free solution, but it’s better than taking your distratced off the steering wheel and eyes from the road to type out a text.

The distrcated has a texting and driving simulator that shows how dangerous it can be to drive distracted. Texas is one of nine states without a statewide ban on texting while driving. We’ve changed, we promise. Researchers at the University of Utah measured brain activity of drivers while using various hands-free devices.

Distracted driving is common in Texas, studies suggest. Design Typically, we don’t include installation when reviewing a product, but seeing how Audiovox has made the ease of installation a key selling point–going so far as to state that the ACA was designed for a DIY installation–we saw fit to make mention of our experiences while installing the device.


But while technology can prove lethal when used behind the wheel, there are a number of ways gadgets and apps can actually cut down on risky behavior.

Investigations into the accident concluded just last weekhighlighting the dreadful toll that distracted driving can take. The one you’ve been waiting for. Next, route the camera’s power wires to the reverse lights.

Like us on Facebook. Your steering wheel could one day be smart enough to recognize distracted driving behaviors and tell you to pay attention.

Continue to next page 01 There are interesting concepts in the pipeline, too. A driver talks on the phone on Tuesday, April 2, in Montpelier, Vt. The mobile world might finally get exciting again in First remove two screws holding the vehicle license plate, line the camera’s mounting holes auviovox with those of the license plate, and attach the device to the vehicle with the two longer screws included with distracetd kit.

Galaxy S9 brings Samsung two steps forward, one step back. But many cities, including Arlington and Grand Prairie, have passed their own bans. You could outfit your car with a mount to keep your smartphone at eye level, and then use the handset’s voice-activated features.

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The image is clear, if tiny, and full color, making it easy to discern what or who is directly behind the vehicle. Laura Hubbard, the senior manager of communications at the Consumer Electronics Association, told The Huffington Post that people don’t necessarily have to buy new cars to take advantage of high-tech safety features.


Get Unlimited Digital Access Your first month is less than a dollar. Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook’s Hubbard notes that there are audiovix simpler options. Vehicles with reverse lights near the license plate frame offer the easiest installation, while other vehicles–such as our test Chevrolet Aveo, which features a license plate frame on the liftgate and reverse lights distractfd the vehicle body–will require the removal of many body panels and complicated routing of the wires.

Offering a simple, four-wire installation on audlovox vehicles, the Audiovox ACA wireless backup camera can be installed by a person comfortable with simple hand tools in an afternoon. States and cities are often restricting their use for drivers behind the wheel, but technology companies and other advocates are confident that new devices can help make the roads safer. They found that performing multiple tasks while driving, audlovox as following GPS directions or talking on the phone, caused drivers to be less alert.

Distracted Driving Is A Huge Problem — But Technology Can Help

A number of car companies have taken it upon themselves to integrate solutions into their vehicles. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. Kathy Bonds of Fort Worth thinks laws are part of the answer.