Because the DMV will demand that you respond to them quickly, you have very little time to waste. As a result, the DMV considers Road Rage to be dangerous to the motoring public and will work aggressively to remove such a driver from the road. Answered Jul 1, Interestingly, they seem more keen to arrest somebody who has tossed a lit cigarette out the window than they are to track down a reckless driver. Related Questions Another motorist reported me for reckless driving, but they tailgated me. I eventually managed to get a good look at the driver, as well as his female passenger.

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Because the DMV will demand that you respond to them quickly, you nusafe very little time to waste. If yes, who should I contact? And what is the phone number?

Road Rage at the California DMV

What are the steps to get a California driver’s license? How to report reckless driving?

Include your name, address and phone number. Should an elderly driver, whose driving skills have deteriorated to the point of endangering other motorists, be reported? Can I get in trouble if someone reports my license plate for reckless driving in Georgia? Letters may be edited, and no anonymous letters will be accepted.


I have a two-part question regarding what to do when an emergency vehicle, such as feport police car or an ambulance, approaches.

Callgive a vehicle description and a license plate unzafe you are close enough to see it. Search your name for results. How long is a California driver’s learning permit valid for?

Ryan Bae has given good answers. How much does an Uber driver make in California? Additionally, there are a number dmvv places along I5 at least where they encourage you to dial to report drunk drivers, which presumably would include reckless ones.

Sometimes they ask me to follow the car and stay on the line until an officer has sighted the car. James said to be prepared to give the following information: Road Rage is commonly defined as: He was just very elderly.

If you have learned that the California DMV is identifying you as a Negligent Operator because of an incident of Road Rage, the preservation of your driver license will depend on your reacting quickly and appropriately. To record your comments, call A form californa will be sent to the driver advising them that they were seen driving erratically by other motorists and that they need to take better precautions, James said. As long as the form is signed by the reporting party, the DMV must investigate the accused driver to determine if they are califoornia Negligent or Incompetent driver.


Road Rage at the California DMV – Facts Your Need To Know

Read More at truthfinder. Would you report a reckless driver on the road?

On city streets, how far must I pull over when there is an approaching emergency vehicle which is sounding a siren with flashing red lights? However, since the infraction was not committed in the presence of a CHP officer or other authorities, no citation will be issued, he said.

Calicornia to Report A Dangerous Driver: We are a group of Administrative Law Specialists who have been defending the rights of California drivers for years. Answered Jul 1, Police will be able to track the car’s owner, as long as the plates were not stolen. I eventually managed to get a good look at the driver, as well as his female passenger. What is the definition of reckless driving in California? What is the fastest way to get a California Driver’s License?

Related Questions What happens when you report someone for reckless driving?