Posted April 10, JBL worth the monney? I may be wrong. The is a very good horn for home use. I find the horn sound better with the modded ‘s on the horns. Plus, they are old school and look kinda cool. When you ship, package VERY carefully and securely.

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Without re-hashing an old topic, have any of the aftermarket mfgs notably stepped up their game in the past 5 years?

JBL 2461 Drivers & JBL Crossovers – Horns

The advantage I see to having two 10s for the mid packs is that when the room is full, the bottom driver will be at about shoulder level which should cover the dance floor area fairly well and the top driver will be just slightly overhead, for reaching to the back of the room. Now they have ‘s with Radian diaphragms, which handle a bit more power than the ‘s with their original diaphragm’s but sound very similar. I read a lot about JBL but nothing about the little brother.

For now, I’m going to keep the crossover at 2. Thats why the low-mid is set a little high.

JBL worth the monney ? – Technical/Modifications – The Klipsch Audio Community

So I’m looking to improve the accuracy, without sacrificing too much SPL. The 15s were definitely reconed, I had it done in the early 90s by a qualified tech.

Would there be an HF advantage to swapping the to jl horn? I sourced a very good pair for a reasonnable price. I may see if I can find a pair of 2nd hand clones or maybe borrow a pair of loaded s.


These days I still take the PA on the road now and then, and occasionally run it hard – but mostly it stays in my basement as a practice PA, in-house PA for parties, and oversized stereo system. View the Media Kit. In fact it will tolerate a fairly small sealed box in this application and given that you can ladle power into that driverefficiency is not really an issue.

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I was planning to put the ‘s with the ‘s on top and get everything in a single mid-high cabinet, however I dont want to put a lot of effort into making my mids sound nice up front, only to find that the highs are not really cutting it. Yes, they are worth something, actually quite a bit to the right folks. I tried that once, and only once Before installing them in the club, we retrofitted the horn drivers with diaphragms, which definitely extended the high frequency extension.

It makes sense that they could have been modeled after Studio Monitors, and massive ones at that. I would expect that the diaphram would make most of the difference in HF response, but dont know for sure. Extra Tabs by vBulletin Hispano.

Hi Hey there Kevin and welcome to the LH forum. If I can fly them, that should help even more.

The main advantage to the ‘s is that I’ve already got ’em. Bet you a mic cable on that.

JBL Model 2461 16ω High-frequency Driver for Reapir

These were originally installed as a center cluster in a roller arena here around or so. Hope this helps you.


Also I havent been able to find any info on what is the natural roll off for the horns. However, its only in the past week or so that I realized that for all these years I’ve been running the ‘s a lot higher then they were originally intended, and I’d hate to build a new set of cabs, only to move the weak spot from the mids to the highs – so I’m hoping that there is someone on this forum who has used s with newer diaphrams and can confirm that this will work or not One advantage to going with a horn like the is that its physically not as wide as the ‘s – so I could make the mid-high boxes a little narrower.

I’ll look into listing the whole package on eBay after I get a sense of what my shipping expense might be. Sign In Sign Up. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Sign up for a new account in our community. The frequency response you could get from them is a lot nicer than the horns. At the time, the consensus seemed to be that factory sounded better, whether or not it was worth the 3x premium was subjective.

It’s a 1″ exit, 1.